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BW200 - DualSport is Full / ADV is Full / 101 is Full

This event is only open to those with advance registration.

Please do not just show up and expect to get in; you will be turned away.

We have to limit the number of riders for a variety of reasons. First, the US Forest Service limits the number of participants we can have on our permit. Second, we provide a number of things with this ride including camping and meals. Our 'staff' and facilities limit how many we can serve and still remain the quality event we strive for. That limit was attained within 24 hours of opening registration. We are sorry for all those we've ever had to turn away...but we have no choice. Every dual sport event in Wisconsin has some limit...our is probably the highest limit of them all. Trust me. We'd invite everyone if we could!

2018 Big Woods 200
Sept 22-23, 2018
Public Registration Opened
Tuesday 10 July 2018.
DualSport is Full
ADV is Full
101 is Full
When full, email to be added to the wait list to replace cancellations

The Big Woods 200 is a 2-Day Dual Sport Event, which is a mix of off road trails connected with the use of roads. Trails are used with permission and/or permits through the USFS, County forests, and private landowners. Trails range from 2 track, gravel, minimal pavement (as little as we can), and single track sections that are optional. The motorcycles are street legal motorcycles that are fully off road capable. The registration fee which includes camping, meals, trail support, t-shirts and two days of great riding through the Northwoods near Wabeno Wisconsin
This event is held in Wabeno, WI.

Please consider membership in the club.
Benefits include:
  Club member riding opportunities
  Club forums
  Event Prep group weekends - trail building, riding/exploring, mapping, and lots of socializing 
When Gov. Scott Walker signed 2016 Wis Act 170 into law, the new Off-Highway Motorcycle (OHM) Program was created for Wisconsin. Under Wisconsin Statutes, the OHM Program begins on October 1, 2016. Cost=$30.
Off-highway motorcycle riding in Wisconsin
Register your motorcycle at go WILD


2018 Dates:
Big Woods 200, September 22-23, 2018

Work weekend dates:
August 24-26   &   Sept. 7-9





Our Refund Policy
No refunds within two weeks of the event.  Refunds are on a case by case basis and a check may be issued.