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No Refunds: The Sell/Buy Alternative

WDSR has a no refund policy for it's rides, and does not maintain a waiting list, but the club will permit riders to buy/sell/trade amongst themselves via any means, then report back to with your swap details.

One means to trade is ADVrider Flea Market buy/sell forum.

1. Follow link to ADVrider forum named Flea market, Other
2. Create Thread, (example)  Prefix=For Sale, Title=Wabeno RFR 2019
3. Description (example)=I registered and paid for a rider slot for Dual Sport (or ADV) for WDSR BW200, Sept 28-29, 2019. I cannot attend so am selling my slot. $150.  Send private message.

You may also want to try Facebook Marketplace, or post a comment on our Facebook Page on a recent ride posting: 

Buyer/Seller are responsible to exchange payment with each other.

Buyers may send an email to in advance of sending payment to seller in order to "Vet" the seller.

It is recommended that Seller sends an email to, cc'ing the buyer, once an agreement to exchange has been made, to notify of the pending transfer.

Procedure once spot is SOLD:

Buyer must send email to
Email must include sellers name
And should cc: to seller,

Email must include:
-buyer name, email, phone, address
-TShirt size
-Age <20, 20-30, 31-40, 41-50, 51-60, 61-70, 70+
-Gender M/F
-Motorcycle Brand
-Motorcycle Year
-Motorcycle Model
-Engine CC
-License Plate #
-AMA member number
-Are you a District 16 or other member?

We ask that the seller confirm this transfer by email to:

Buyer/Seller are responsible to exchange payment with each other.